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Home samples collection collections for Blood Testing in Chennai

Get your samples collected from anywhere in Chennai and get your Blood test reports in few hours!

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Follow these simple steps to book an appointment for
diagnostic blood testing with us

Book a Time Slot

Fill in the form displayed above with your location and convenient sample pickup time. Samples can be collected at our Lab as well. You may also call us at +91 720063 6219/+91-80150-95219 to directly book an appointment with us.

Get Confirmation

Our Lab experts will call you to get a confirmation on the home visit and fix the appointment at your convenient time. You may reschedule with prior notice.

Sample Collection

Our Lab experts will visit your home to collect the samples. Our technicians are following extensive safety measures by following the govt guidelines
and other safety precautions before visiting your home.

Receive test results

Once the test samples are collected, it hardly takes few hours to do the test and provide you the results. We guarantee quick results based on the test. A soft copy of the test results will be emailed or Whatsapp to you instantly.