Get your samples collected from anywhere in Chennai and get your Diagnostics test reports in few hours!

Covid-19 sample collections anywhere in Chennai

Get your ICMR approved RT-PCR results in just 3 Hours

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AMMAGENOMICS Clinical Lab offers Walk-in and Home Collection for COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing in Chennai. Test with us with Total Trust for Quick Quality Results in Three Hours!

 In our recent ICMR proficiency test, we got 100% accuracy in testing results.

AMMAGENOMICS not only reports faster but also highly accurate results. From the time we started Covid RT-PCR Testing, we never do pooling of samples in testing. This means every sample is run in a single reaction RT-PCR reaction. This is why our results are accurate and specific for the COVID status of an individual. 

Don’t worry! We fit into the requirements of Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Green Health Code for China-bound passengers from India. 

We give Covid RT-PCR test results in 3 hours. Can’t believe how we give quick results while other labs take more than 24 hours?

Why to take test at AMMAGENOMICS?

If I had an unsafe sex or had a blood transfusion, or having a doubt of infection, when should I take and what type of test should I take? What is the window period?

  • If it is 10 to 15 days after exposure, RT-PCR tests will give an accurate result.
  1. Qualitative RT-PCR Test – Results in 3 hours. 
  2. Quantitative RT-PCR Test – Results  in 4 hours. 
  • Rapid Test – Results in 30 minutes to one hour. If it is almost 20 days to 30 days of exposure you may go for Antigen / Antibody Test to be accurate. 
  • However based on immunity these may differ for each individuals. 
  • Therefore a periodic test after 45 to 60 days is recommended to be absolutely sure of the absence of the virus.

AMMAGENOMICS Clinical Lab is ICMR, ISO Certified and NABL Approved

ICMR Approved Lab

Covid-19 Testing

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Lab

Quality Management System

NABL Accredited

HCV Testing

Our Services


Quick COVID RT PCR Testing

We do COVID RT-PCR Testing in 3 hours for emergency, international, domestic, air and road travel and provide QR Scan Code reports. While other labs take more than 24 hours, we use logistics and advanced technologies to provide quick results.

molecular clinical testing in chennai

Molecular Clinical Testing - PCR

We do all molecular clinical testing for all pathogens including black fungus, MTB, HCV, HIV, HBV, HLA and other PCR tests and report in 4 to 8 hours.

food testing lab in chennai

FOOD Molecular Testing

We do adulteration and authenticity food testing using DNA, RNA, PCR and sequencing methods. In addition we do pesticide, polyphenols microbiological testing as well.



All routine blood testing is done at AMMAGENOMICS lab with quick turnaround of 4 to 6 hours.

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Research Challenges

We are adept at designing primers & probes to detect SNP (mutants, variants, polymorphism etc.) with high sensitiveness and specificity & also any DNA/RNA extraction challenges fragmented, inhibiting samples.


Sequencing & Metagenomics

Microbiome DNA/RNA sequencing done from stools, saliva, blood, urine, semen, tears, CSF and other biological fluids. This will be both bacterial 16s and fungus 18s.

Are you planning for IVF?

AMMAGENOMICS offers specialized PCR and Sequencing based tests like

  • Polyphenol Test
  • Antioxidant Test
  • Vaginal Microbiome Test
  • Oxidant MDA Test
  • Semen Test

which are specifically designed for each individual based on the health condition to ensure that you attain a healthy pregnancy, avoid preterm births and other complications during delivery. We identify the root cause of infertility and help in successful pregnancy.


First know the complete health details of your body before you go for IVF treatment so that you won’t waste time and money and high risk.

What Our Customers Say

Poorni Kuttalam
Poorni Kuttalam
Very thorough and professional service
vinoja christopher
vinoja christopher
The process was perfect. The results were delivered on time. Thank you very much!!
Rangabashyam Srinivasan
Rangabashyam Srinivasan
quick and good service, charges can be reduced
Bala Chandra Prasad Dhulipalla
Bala Chandra Prasad Dhulipalla
Very fast service. I got my RT-PCR report within 4 hours. Very efficient and smooth process. Sample collection at home was on time and the person was efficient and knew his stuff.
Karthikeyan Janakiraman
Karthikeyan Janakiraman
Overall good experience and well coordinated

Why Choose Us

We have unique ways to help you with the following reasons

Best Research Analysis

We have decades of research experience that gives us the unique expertise in problem solving and analysis.

Experienced Team

Our enthusiastic research team is ready to take up challenges and give excellent solutions at a faster turnaround time and low cost.

Precision Testing

Our comprehensive approach gives us the precision you desire in your results and products.

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